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Manager Bulk Fabrication (R&D)

iconPakistan, Faisalabad

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Job Description

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posted on
May 31, 2023
Expiry Date
June 15, 2023

The main responsibility of this position to look after all Bulk fabric operations from yarn to garment finishing and observe risks for fine tuning in fabric parameters & for accurate Bulk BOM Feeding. To decide bulk Fabric Parameters after thoroughly analyzing and watching already same developed fabric in bulk PO’s lots internal and external. If there would be any abnormality in bulk PO fabric results w.r.t Width/Length/GSM/Shrinkage/Torqueing/Repeat Size/Color Results/Pilling/Hariness/Fuzziness/Dead Cotton/Fabric Structure/Stretch & Recovery/Raising/Peaching/Hand Feel/Shade/Aesthetic/Lycra %age etc.  The problem will be analyzed in depth & fine-tuned during bulk PO Parameters decision in BOM. To monitor 100% accurate & timely technical data feeding in BOM’s for Bulk PO’s in Datatex. To responsible for fast execution of new trials if will be required for technical data feeding in BOM against any fabric. To attend RAM & Highlight Risk observe during previous PO execution at any stage. To compile lab test results of each bulk PO’s executed and build data fabric wise for continuous improvement in BULK PO results.

To watch Bulk Fabric Operations & collaboratively working with Bulk Production teams to minimize fabric Issues

To critically & collaboratively watch all bulk fabric operations from Yarn to Garment Finishing and observe fabric issues during bulk fabric execution in each process and fix fabric issues before going to finalize Bulk BOM parameters.

Decision of Fabric Parameters:

To decide on time & accurate bulk fabric parameters after analyzing lab test results of already developed PO fabric lots so far. To provide bulk PO fabric parameters details to team for technical data entry in system.

Pre-Production Trials:

Responsible for Pre-Production trials in each area like Knitting/Dyeing/Finishing and get conduct lab testing of this trial   before going to start bulk PO Knitting/Dyeing/Finishing.

Fabric Do ability Confirmation:

Strong Teck Pack reading skills & sound awareness about knits process for confirmation of bulk fabric doability to S&M and IE teams keeping in view required equipment’s availability for bulk.

Responsible for Execution of New Fabric Trials for Bulk:

Responsible for new fabric trials for bulk BOM execution from Yarn to Finishing and to monitor lab testing of this trial and share outcomes with seniors to decide new fabric parameters for Bulk BOM. Record keeping of this trial with physical fabric swatches to compare with bulk later.

6.  Compile Lab Test Results & Record Keeping:

To compile Lab Test Results of each Bulk PO fabric wise & customer wise and share updated data with seniors for fine tuning & decision of fabric parameters in coming PO’s.

7.  To Attend RAM & Highlight Risk:

To Attend RAM (Risk Assessment Meeting) & highlight risk observed during fabric development at each process from yarn to dispatch.

Required Skills

Analytical Thinking,Computational Mathematics


Textiles / Garments


Product Development


Full Time/Permanent

Minimum Education


Career Level

Experienced Professional

Required Experience

8 Years - 14 Years