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Deputy Manager Final Quality Audit

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Job Description

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posted on
November 29, 2023
Expiry Date
December 10, 2023

This position entails taking on leadership responsibilities for overseeing, developing, and supervising quality assurance activities within the specified scope of the Final Quality Audit (FQA) in the Apparel division. The individual in this role actively participates in providing accurate and systematic data for the company's Balance Score Card related to Quality Index. Central to this role is the management of FQA, including the introduction and execution of innovative ideas to improve processes and performance of FQ auditors. Moreover, the role includes ensuring adherence to customer quality standards and strategically addressing discrepancies between internal quality standards and international/customer benchmarks.

1.            Final Quality Control (FQC)

  • Overseeing final inspection stations throughout the Apparel division.
  • Ensures meticulous adherence to customer requirements for each final order.
  • Supervising the team, it mandates the initiation of Non-Conformance Reports (NCRs) for any deviations in orders and subsequently reviews these reports.
  • Collaborating with Operations, Merchandising, and internal quality teams, the incumbent discusses the reasons behind non-conformances.
  • Active participation with counterpart teams is undertaken to formulate action plans addressing identified chronic quality issues.
  • Persistent follow-ups are conducted to ensure the effective implementation of these action plans.
  • Furthermore, the role entails reviewing emerging needs for new processes, communicating clear expectations regarding new customer requirements to the team, and maintaining rigorous follow-up for sustainable results. These multifaceted activities are meticulously performed with the ultimate aim of guaranteeing unwavering adherence to all customer-related quality requirements for every order at ILA.

2.            People Management and EHS Compliance Leadership

  • This role actively supports the Head of Department (HOD) by offering recommendations to address HR issues.
  • Engaging in the assessment of training requirements for the Unit's Staff, the incumbent provides and receives feedback to manage staff performance through objective setting, continuous support, and formal appraisal processes.
  • Maintains parity among subordinates in terms of learning and growth opportunities, champions the promulgation of Equality and Diversity policies, and delegates responsibilities to direct reports with a sense of urgency, importance, and accountability.
  • Ensures compliance with the company's Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS) policies, actively coordinating EHS practices within the department. Proactive initiatives are taken to conserve natural resources and the environment at the departmental level.
  • These comprehensive activities are conducted with the overarching objective of leading the team and contributing to a disciplined, conducive, and safe working environment in the Unit, Department, and Organization.

3.            Orchestrating Real-Time Data Feed Oversight and FQA Alerting

  • Guides and exercises control over the team, ensuring the seamless provision of real-time data feeds while preparing and disseminating FQA alerts grounded in non-conformance data.
  • Additionally, a comprehensive review and analysis of the Quality inspection dashboards are conducted, covering aspects such as Quality Index, FTT, sectional classifications, Lag Hours, top 3 defects, critical outflow prevention by FQA, average inspections by FQA, sample size mix, SKU failures, and measurement data. Regularly updating Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for direct reports is prioritized, with occasional reviews conducted during team meetings.
  • These meticulous activities are executed with the overarching goal of guaranteeing the accuracy of quality-related data and ensuring its timely dissemination to relevant departments.

Required Skills

Client Resolution,Conflict Management,Critical Observation,Analytical Skills


Textiles / Garments


Quality Assurance (QA)


Full Time/Permanent

Minimum Education


Career Level

Experienced Professional

Required Experience

9 Years - 12 Years